These 5 things drive UX product strategy success

UX pillars
UX pillars

Every good CX/UX strategy should include these 5 things for product success. I have seen them done well in every successful project I have been a part of, and executed poorly or not at all in projects I have seen fail.

Firstly, what is the difference between UX and CX? CX (Customer Experience) is the combined experience across all touchpoints with your business for the customer. Whereas UX (User Experience) is the focused area of one touchpoint within that experience.

The ultimate list of Important abbreviations and business terms to learn as a UX designer

UX and Design jargon
UX and Design jargon

I have recently started mentoring people that would like to become or transition into UX design. One of the key themes I am seeing is that business jargon and even design terminology can be quite daunting for a new person.

It can even be confusing for designers that have been in a role for some time and are starting to learn more about the business.

How many times has this happened, the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) or MD (Managing Director) calls a meeting to explain how the business is doing this month and the key metrics to be aware of…

Don’t design with constraints even when you have them.

Design for UX gold
Design for UX gold

Often in digital design projects, we have constraints caused by technology, these are critical to understanding the success of the design. But often I see designs forced into tech constraint solutions immediately for speed and efficiency. I say if asked to design to those constraints first you should reply no, no, no, no.

Always design the best experience possible and aim for what I like to call the gold standard. Or what others might call the Nirvana state!

What does the gold standard mean?

When I say gold standard, I am talking about a gold medal level of excellence. When someone wins gold at the Olympics…

Understand your user’s pain points and goals


A lot has been written about personas. You can see the huge amount of different articles I went through to research my article. There is lots of nuance, lots of naysayers, and many different variations. But through my time creating personas for startups and large corporate products and business, there is a core set of work and process that remain always true. This is my take on it and I hope you find value and it helps you as a guide on the importance of personas and how to create them.

What are they and how do I use them?

Personas are what you create by talking to your…

The top 5 startup problems UX can help with.

Why startup fails
Why startup fails

We have all read the statistic that 92% of startups fail! That seems unreal, but as the many fallen companies of Silicon Valley will confirm it is a truth.

But why do they fail?

Running my business UserXD I have worked with lots of start-ups over the years from really successful ones to ones that never made it past proof of concept and in that time I have taken note of a few key reasons on why they might fail. That combined with industry knowledge allows me to have a good view of what to look out for.

I want to go over those pitfalls…

A deep dive into User Experience design roles

UX roles
UX roles

This guide will step you through each UX role and what their expected outputs might be along with context on the work done by each.

Firstly let’s answer CX vs UX and what’s the difference? You can see from the diagram below CX is about all the touchpoints and the entire experience across all channels. UX is about one specific interaction where a customer is trying to achieve a goal.

Understanding the value of your product for your customers

Value prop
Value prop

The value proposition takes your mission statement one step further, it really defines how your product adds value. It should be concise and easily remembered, it is a good idea to have a tagline and then a more detailed sentence on your value proposition. It is how your product shows up and is understood if working well. A good value proposition should articulate:

  • How your product or service solves/improves user problems
  • The benefits for the user
  • What makes your product unique
  • Why people should choose your product or service over a competitor

Where to begin

I usually run a workshop with the entire…

What are user flows and how should I be using them in my digital product?

User flows on whiteboard
User flows on whiteboard

When you need to understand how a user will go through your product or feature you should always start with high-level user flows. User flows help determine how many screens are needed, what order they should appear in, and what components need to be present.

Understand your users

Before you get to this stage you should have some solid user research done and understand the pain points you are solving or the solution you are providing. This will help you define a user story or an epic to base this flow on.

Some of the other techniques used for user research include empathy…

Storytelling is key for a good UX designer.

Plato quote
Plato quote

One thing I have learned through my career in design over the last 16+ years is the importance of storytelling and narrative. As a designer, I believe it is essential to be able to tell a story about your work. All thou Stefan Sagmeister clearly disagrees with me, you can see a funny video here of him saying no F***K head you’re not a storyteller! We will have to agree to disagree here Stefan.

Why do I need to understand how to tell a story?

You will always need to articulate your work, and with UX design there is a pathway that leads you to your conclusion and often than testing…

Why as a UX designer you have to push your way into a project.

Lady shouting
Lady shouting

Many times I am involved with products and teams that move at pace, they have dedicated squads and lots of product experts to make quick decisions, test, and learn. Where companies often pivot on the strategy you will find new lean squads stood up, or even dedicated task forces working on a top-secret weapon! Project.

Whereas we know that a UX designer or even the leaders of UX in your company should be part of that new team, they often are not.

Why might we be left out

UX designers are often seen as too busy, or too preoccupied with the current platform and addressing users'…

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